15 May 2015

After several years of trail and error ...and error ...and error, the SCHomestead honey is now on sale. It has been a long road; hives that didn't survive; paper work with the state; finding the right type of label; getting the label approved by the Department of Agriculture. Who knew that that it would have taken this long?

I also want to give special thanks to Wendi for doing a smashing job on the label design, Harold for all of the information about what I'm doing wrong and to Joe for all the work he does getting us bees and supplies.

14 May 2015

I just added a super to one on my hives. I had 5 frames of drawn comb from last year that I put in the hive along with 5 frames of just wax foundation. Well there's no contest really. The drawn comb is about half full of capped honey and the blank foundation is only about 20% drawn out. I think the outcome of this little experiment is that drawn comb is worth it's weight in gold(en honey). So, don't throw away comb; do what you can to save it.

24 Apr 2015

Everyone, meet Cuckoo. She is (we think) a Black Langshan. She was given to us after a school project at my daughter’s elementary school along with another chick named Nemo. Nemo had a gimpy foot and, unfortunately, Nemo didn’t make it; he had too many troubles. Cuckoo (pronounced ko̵̅o̅ko̵̅o̅′ as in ‘Cuckoo clock’) was named such because we initially thought that both she and Nemo were Cuckoo Marans.

2 Aug 2014

Wax caps being cut off of honey combThe bees have finally finished our the second honey super. I pulled 14 shallow frames of honey and they were packed! I had one super that had 10 frames and one with 9. I took the frames over to my Uncle Harold's as he already has all of the honey processing equipment. To the right is a picture of Harold cutting the caps off of the first frame of honey with a hot knife.

27 Jul 2014

Red Bell PepperThis is my first bell pepper ...EVER. This is the first one that I've ever been able to grow all the way to harvest. Apparently I was getting something like Blossom End Rot that I also get on my tomatoes. This year I added bone meal like I do to my tomatoes and BAM! One successfully harvested bell pepper. Next year I'll plant more and maybe we'll have enough to actually eat.

11 May 2012

Last night I planted Thorogreen Lima beans... in the dark. By the time I was done, it was far too late to take a picture so I had to take on this morning. This is the first time that I have planted Thorogreen beans. I forgot to buy more Dixie Butter Peas so I got these at a local Feed and Seed. Here's to hoping.


9 May 2012

The first of the Buff Orpingtons was named recently. This is 'Baby'. She is the runt of the flock. She crys a lot and she trys to convince the others to sit on her. I was really hesitant to name her becuase I thought that she might not make it. Last week, she wouldn't eat for a while and I was afraid that they had a parasite. It was clasic 'sick chick' syndrome.

30 Apr 2012

Color Ranger Chicks EatingThe Color Rangers have entered tween/teen age. ...or as I like to call it, "The Velociraptor Stage". If you ignore the whole 'wing' thing, they do look like depictions of various types dinoaurs. My daughter says that chickens go from ugly (freshly hatched), to cute (fluffy chicks), to ugly (Velociraptor), to cute (adult chicken).

27 Apr 2012

Color Ranger chicks under a heat lamp in their new coop.This past Monday, the Color Ranger chicks moved to the chicken coop. I finally finished up the walls and bleached the mold so it’s ready enough for chickens. I added a threshold to hold back the liter and added a couple of wheel barrow loads of leaves. I made a quick, impromptu roost for the birds out of an old piece of lumber. Monday was one of the coldest nights in the past couple of weeks but the chicks HAD to go.

24 Apr 2012

25 Color Ranger Chicks in Two Large Cardboard BoxesOn Monday, I was cleaning out the chicks’ feeder and refilling it with some yummy chick feed. As I went to put the feeder back in the smaller of the two boxes of chicks, I saw a single chick setting on the top of the box wall. It was just sitting there; apparently it was pondering what I was doing. Well, I thought I’d better get you guys in your coop or next thing I know I’ll wake up to chickens on the dresser mirror. Last Thursday, I split them into two boxes because they were so big that crowding was becoming an issue. Now, they are learning to fly …if not fly then “wing-assisted-jumping”.


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