12 Apr 2012

Old deep bee hive body with orbital sander and other toolsMy order of bees should be(e) here any day now so I need to get three hive bodies ready for bees. I dug through my Grandmother’s stock of old bee hardware and found the best of the deep bodies. The paint was in VERY rough condition but I expected as much. Most of my Grandmother's old bee hardware is either in use or hasn’t been used in 20 plus years.

11 Apr 2012

Brush burning in the gardenSaturday was another burning day. I cut, drug and burned all morning. I got the last of teh tree tops, some fallen cedar limbs from a snow storm a couple of years ago, old apple tree limbs that have been pruned out of the apple trees and anything elase that was laying around. In the afternoon, I cut the trunks of the trees down to a more manageable size.

5 Apr 2012

A Short Hiatus

Submitted by Mike

I'm sorry for the short hiatus. We took a trip down to Charleston for spring break. A little rest and relaxation ...and to let out inner history geeks run wild. We should be back at it this week. I have a couple of post in the pipe line and I'll be getting Tammy started bloging soon as well. I also have a surprize guest blogger coming on soon to give us a different perspective on the whole homesteading scene.

Stay tuned. Great things are happening.

29 Mar 2012

The AnMed Blood Mobile at ChurchI started my Saturday by saving someone’s life. I will most likely never know who’s life I saved and it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t. I’ve done this for dozens of people, some I knew later, a few I looked them face to face while I did it, but most I will never know. Most of these people will never know me either but they will know that someone cared; cared enough saved them.

28 Mar 2012

This is me pulling the sweet potatoes out of the coalsOur family likes to watch a show called Man, Woman, Wild. I won’t go into great detail on it; you can follow the link for that. In short, it’s about a Man (Husband: former Green Beret from Tennessee) a Woman (Wife: former news anchor woman from the UK) and they put themselves in survival situations. They show off some interesting ways of surviving in the wild and part of that is some rustic ways to cook food.

13 Mar 2012


Submitted by Mike

We have had turkeys for years but the past couple of years the coyotes have thinned their numbers greatly. So much so, that it is now a rare site to see turkeys. The other day, I saw this flock of turkeys on the way to work and they were magnificent. There were two big toms strutting their stuff in the middle of a hay field and about fifty hens milling around pretending not to notice them.

8 Mar 2012

Swinter in SC

Submitted by Mike

We haven’t had much of a winter in SC. Here in the upstate area, we normally get a couple of decent snows a year but this year nothing. We haven’t really had more than a couple of good cold days in row. …boy, the bugs are going to be unbearable this summer. Then, this morning we woke up to swinter. 25 F! I saw the temperature at 23 during the night but I didn’t have my camera.

6 Mar 2012

More Bio-Char

Submitted by Mike

Bon fire in the garden.This Saturday I had several things on my to-do list. Great classics like, burn brush, finish the chicken coop, inspect Grandmother’s bees, cut down that last tree at the “Middle House Garden” and so on. Well with the spur-of-the-moment purchase of the Tracker, my Saturday was thrown into disarray.



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