13 Apr 2012

Bees for 2012

Submitted by Mike

I called by “Bee Guy” on Thursday to find out when the bees would get here. His wife answered. She said that he had just got to bed that he had been to Georgia to pick up bees and had not gotten home until 0500. As usual, my timing was perfect!

I love the way they do bee delivery: They go and get the hives as nucs from GA. You bring your equipment to them (or buy new from them at VERY good prices). They install the nucs into your hive box. You pick them up and take them home.
I packed up both hives. Tammy, Jessica and I took them over to have the nucs installed on Wednesday and my Dad and I picked them up Thursday night. We brought them home and set them up. I bought two hives of bees and one new complete hive box. My Dad got one hive of bees for my Grandmother.