24 Apr 2015

Character Spotlight - Cuckoo

Submitted by Mike

Everyone, meet Cuckoo. She is (we think) a Black Langshan. She was given to us after a school project at my daughter’s elementary school along with another chick named Nemo. Nemo had a gimpy foot and, unfortunately, Nemo didn’t make it; he had too many troubles. Cuckoo (pronounced ko̵̅o̅ko̵̅o̅′ as in ‘Cuckoo clock’) was named such because we initially thought that both she and Nemo were Cuckoo Marans. As Cuckoo matured, it quickly became evident that she was no Maran. After some Google-ing around, we came to the conclusion that she is, in fact, a Black Langshan. I’ve never had a Black Langshan before but I certainly will consider them in the future. Cuckoo is a very nice and docile chicken. The rest for flock is made up of Buff Orpingtons which are very docile and prone to being bullied but I’ve never witnessed Cuckoo picking (or pecking) on anyone. Cuckoo is a bit shy but not terrified of human contact. She’s not quite as curious as the Buffs but just as good of a layer. Cuckoo is a very nice chicken and Black Langshans are definitely going on my recommended chicken list.