27 Apr 2012

Color Rangers Move to the Coop

Submitted by Mike

Color Ranger chicks under a heat lamp in their new coop.This past Monday, the Color Ranger chicks moved to the chicken coop. I finally finished up the walls and bleached the mold so it’s ready enough for chickens. I added a threshold to hold back the liter and added a couple of wheel barrow loads of leaves. I made a quick, impromptu roost for the birds out of an old piece of lumber. Monday was one of the coldest nights in the past couple of weeks but the chicks HAD to go.

I bought them a new light and a more powerful bulb (125 watts) than I normally use (60 watt). I put in the new 125w lamp and the old 60w lamp to help combat the cold.Chicken door in the back of the coop boarded up.

The this second picture, you can see where I had to hastily cover the chicken door. They will not need it yet and I haven't bought the plywood to make the actual door part.