18 Feb 2012

Homestead Safety

Submitted by Mike

Stihl MS250, gloves, safety glasses on felled water oakThis is a post that took a bit of turn while I was writing it in my head. It started as a glorious tale of my felling the giant water oak and the tools that enabled me to do that. I had pictures of my Stihl MS250, my gloves and my safety glasses. I had a few lines in there about my project to re-open the middle house garden by cutting some oaks that are sucking the nutrients from it, a project to re-open the pastures by cutting cedar saplings that are reducing grass area and quality and my bio-char project to feed our garden soil. Ironically, the focus was going to be about being safe during the often dangerous work of homesteading. All of these projects are inherently dangerous and weekend homesteaders may not realize that. Then, BAM!!! While burning some of the saplings, a very small branch from one of the saplings popped me in the eye and scratched my cornea.My scratched cornea I had finished cutting the saplings and tossed them over the fence toward my burn pile so I took my safety glasses off. Well, one of the saplings saw my moment of weakness and exacted its revenge. Note to self: NEVER TRUST A SAPLING!!