26 Apr 2012

More Chickens Are Here! More Chickens Are Here!

Submitted by Mike

I had another “Jerk” moment this morning. I was brushing my teeth when my phone rang. I thought one of my application servers at work had crashed but on the other end of the phone was the post office telling me that my chickens had arrived.
This time I had some idea of what to do. I went out to the coop and brought in the cardboard box that I used as a brooder for the Ranger chicks along with a water dish and feeder tray. I set up the light, put down the shredded paper, added the water and feed and off the post office I went. When I got back home and opened the box, there were 15 very hungry and very thirsty Buff Orpington chicks.
Another lesson that I learned from the Ranger chicks was to look for non-eaters/non-drinkers. I sat and watched them about 40 minutes. I made sure that everyone was eating and drinking and generally getting along before heading off to work. I also added another light as they seemed to “over huddle” and I assumed that they was still cold.
Later in the afternoon, when I got back home, my daughter’s squeal when hypersonic. I think only dogs and squirrels could hear the end of it. I will admit, they are about the cutest chicks ever.