9 May 2012

World, Meet Baby. Baby, Meet World

Submitted by Mike

The first of the Buff Orpingtons was named recently. This is 'Baby'. She is the runt of the flock. She crys a lot and she trys to convince the others to sit on her. I was really hesitant to name her becuase I thought that she might not make it. Last week, she wouldn't eat for a while and I was afraid that they had a parasite. It was clasic 'sick chick' syndrome. Constant crying, a lot of sleeping, trying to get others to sit on her, shakey on her feet and not eating. We fed her Pedialyte by hand, I added sugar to the flocks water and I switched them to a medicated feed. On the third day of the pedialyte, I realized that I was calling her 'Baby' in the absence of a name so I'm giving in ane offically naming her 'Baby'.