Honey Bees

14 May 2015

I just added a super to one on my hives. I had 5 frames of drawn comb from last year that I put in the hive along with 5 frames of just wax foundation. Well there's no contest really. The drawn comb is about half full of capped honey and the blank foundation is only about 20% drawn out. I think the outcome of this little experiment is that drawn comb is worth it's weight in gold(en honey). So, don't throw away comb; do what you can to save it.

2 Aug 2014

Wax caps being cut off of honey combThe bees have finally finished our the second honey super. I pulled 14 shallow frames of honey and they were packed! I had one super that had 10 frames and one with 9. I took the frames over to my Uncle Harold's as he already has all of the honey processing equipment. To the right is a picture of Harold cutting the caps off of the first frame of honey with a hot knife.

12 Apr 2012

Old deep bee hive body with orbital sander and other toolsMy order of bees should be(e) here any day now so I need to get three hive bodies ready for bees. I dug through my Grandmother’s stock of old bee hardware and found the best of the deep bodies. The paint was in VERY rough condition but I expected as much. Most of my Grandmother's old bee hardware is either in use or hasn’t been used in 20 plus years.

27 Feb 2012

Front view of a bee hiveMy Dad called me yesterday and said that my Grandmother’s main hive (I call it the #1 hive) had very little activity compared to the #2 hive.  Today I called him back and said that if he had the time we need to take a look inside.  I was a lazy beekeeper this year a left empty super on but when we opened the hive, there was still a reasonable amount o

7 Jun 2011

My bees were put in place on April the 20th. Since then, I've added a screened bottom board, queen excluder and a shallow super. I've also bought a new inner cover and top. The original bottom board, inner cover and top were borrowed from my grandmother. The the picture, you will see that they are hanging out on the front of the hive. That's because on June 4th (the date the picture was taken) the temp was 97°F. Even with a screen bottom board, the house bees were kicking the foragers out to the porch.

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