Information about SC Homestead

We are a small family from a small town living in a small house. I (Mike) was born here... well not right here, I was born in a hospital in a small town a few miles away but then I grew up here on this farm. This farm has been in my family many generations. My Great-Great-Grandfather bought it in the 1800s. I'll have to have my Grandmother look up the exact date. After I grew-up (or thought I grew-up) I went into the Navy and then into the tech industry. For the past few years, I've been slowly waking up to the facts of what is happening around me. The economy is going down, down and more down, food isn't what (or a good as) it used to be. Something had to be done!

I took my faith, my process orientated training, my love for my family, my love of the land and put down a few goals. Some of them are:

  1. Start an Apiary (honey bees) and begin to harvest honey.
    1. Investigate cooking with honey.
    2. Investigate the honey retail/wholesale market.
  2. Grow all of the Green Beans and Lima beans that we will need for the year and can/jar them.
  3. Raise at least 20 meat chickens and process them. Vacumme seal/freeze what I can.
  4. Raise ~5 laying hens.
  5. All of this while growing my normal amount of corn, squash, okra, tomatoes, etc.

What you'll read here are the chronicles of our adventures, triumphs and failures. This is as much a diary/journal for future reference as it is a blog. It is intended to be informational; to let others know what works and what doesn't (for us) and to remind us of what we've already tried and the results of those efforts.