11 Apr 2012

Another Burning Day

Submitted by Mike

Brush burning in the gardenSaturday was another burning day. I cut, drug and burned all morning. I got the last of teh tree tops, some fallen cedar limbs from a snow storm a couple of years ago, old apple tree limbs that have been pruned out of the apple trees and anything elase that was laying around. In the afternoon, I cut the trunks of the trees down to a more manageable size.

My Dad came over to help me get my saw unstuck. Apparently, a limb had been driven about 30 inches into the ground when the tree is was on fell. This caused a strange and unpredictable force on the limb and it pinched my saw blade in the opposite direction from what I expected. I wasn’t sure what was going on with this limb until my Dad used his saw to cut the opposite direction and it pinched his saw as well.

Firewood stacked in the woodshedAfter our saws were freed, my Dad helped me get the rest cut up for firewood. I hauled two truckloads of firewood to my Grandmother’s wood shed. We don’t use wood heat yet (more on that in a few weeks). My Grandmother doesn’t use much wood for heat (she has gas and electric) but she’ll rest easier knowing that there are a couple of months’ worth of wood in the shed.

The stack on the left of the shed is the big monsters that will have to be split after they dry.