7 Jun 2011

Bees: The Bear Facts

Submitted by Mike

My bees were put in place on April the 20th. Since then, I've added a screened bottom board, queen excluder and a shallow super. I've also bought a new inner cover and top. The original bottom board, inner cover and top were borrowed from my grandmother. The the picture, you will see that they are hanging out on the front of the hive. That's because on June 4th (the date the picture was taken) the temp was 97°F. Even with a screen bottom board, the house bees were kicking the foragers out to the porch.

Also, in the picture you can see a bee feeder. I had just put that super on a few days before this picture was taken and I like to feed them while the bees are drawing comb. I doubt that we'll be able to harvest from this hive this year but next year I think this hive will pay out big-time.