12 Apr 2012

Getting Ready For Bees

Submitted by Mike

Old deep bee hive body with orbital sander and other toolsMy order of bees should be(e) here any day now so I need to get three hive bodies ready for bees. I dug through my Grandmother’s stock of old bee hardware and found the best of the deep bodies. The paint was in VERY rough condition but I expected as much. Most of my Grandmother's old bee hardware is either in use or hasn’t been used in 20 plus years.

After sanding for 15 minutes, I gave up. This box have been in the ultra-dry environment of the barn for too long. The side of this box are Dutch lap which takes two (one and a half) boards to make a side on a deep body. Both boards on one side and one board on the other have split and all of the board ends where they are nailed in place have split out. …it’s time for a new hive body.

The hive body that I started repairing back in January has a touch of rust on the nail heads. This was due to not putting enough on enough coats of paint. I gave it a quick sanding and two more coats of paint. Hopefully I can give it one more before the bees get here.