16 Apr 2012

The New Chickens Are Here! The New Chickens Are Here!

Submitted by Mike

Color Ranger chick standing on a boxMuch like Navin in the movie “The Jerk”, I got a real surprise today that made me really excited and happy. The post office called to tell me that my chickens were in and need to be picked up. Oh No! I thought.  I haven’t finished the coop, it’s too cold for chicks in the coop, I don’t have a brooder put together, I don’t have any chick feed, I need to get to work and I don’t know even know where the post office is! …so much for my “perfect timing".  I called work, told them the situation and that I’d be in at lunch then, headed for the post office. Now, I have three different GPS systems on my phone. All three of them took me to a different, yet completely wrong address. Eventually, I just called them and asked for directions. Sometimes, asking a human is just better.

26 Color Ranger chicksAfter I got home with the chicks, I put them in a (brand new) plastic storage bin with some shredded cardboard in the bottom, a bowl of water and grabbed the old chicken gear that I had dug out of my Grandmother’s barn. While cleaning them, a couple of issues quickly surfaced: The water bowl had a small crack down one side and the feeder was an eight head feeder; great for a few chicks hatched under a mother hen; not so good for 26 factory-hatched Color Rangers (read Freedom Rangers). I quickly ditched my efforts to re-use the old hardware.

26 Color Ranger (Freedom Ranger) chicks all sound alseepI gave the chicks couple more bowls of water then I was off to Tractor Supply. I grabbed some chick feed, a new water bowl and a 28 head chick feeder. After paying the cashier a surprisingly small amount of money, I was off next to my Brother-In-Law’s to pick of some large cardboard boxes. (I didn’t think Tammy would appreciate the chicks using the storage bins for very long).
Back at home, I put more shredded cardboard in one of the boxes, added the new water bowl with fresh water, new feeder with new feed and added my 26 new chicks. Chicks are happy. I’m happy. …and now I’m off to work.