16 Jun 2011

Money Maker Tomato PlantI've already talked briefly about the Better Boy tomatoes at the MH Garden. The reason that I put the Better Boys WAAAY over there (where I can't water them very often) is that I have Money Maker tomatoes at the Home Garden. For those of you who do not know, Money Maker tomatoes are a heirloom tomato that produces a relatively large (for heirloom), tasty fruit.

I've grown the Money Makers before with mixed results (more on that later) but this is the first time that I have plan to carried the seed over to next year and I did not want the heirloom Money Maker cross pollinating with the hybrid Better Boys.

8 Jun 2011

This year, for the second year, I am growing two types of tomatoes. Money Maker (Heirloom) and Better Boy (Hybrid). I wanted to separate the two so that they don't cross. I have the Money Makers planted and the home garden so I planted the Better Boys at the Middle House Garden. The MH garden is over 500 yards away so I shouldn't have any cross pollination unless I have some VERY active bees.

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