Green Beans

6 Jun 2011

As part of my 5 year plan, the main crops this year are Cron, Green Beans and Lima Beans. I planted 2 50ft rows of Green Beans and Lima Beans in early April. Two weeks later, I planted 2 more 50 ft rows. Two weeks later I planted 4 75 ft rows of corn and 2 30 ft rows or okra. The okra didn't make and I plowed it up a few weeks later. Two weeks after the corn, I planted 4 75 ft rows of Green Beans and 2 75 ft rows of okra.

If you look closely at this picture, you will see the tale-tale sign of the most cursed GROUND HOG. A ground ho has eaten nearly everyone of my 75ft rows of Green Beans. Some are okay but it will take a couple of more days to find out how many seeds were just late coming up. Both my Dad and my Brother are also having Ground Hog issues. My Dad has set up a very low electric fence but this garden is no where near an outlet and solar units are pricey.

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